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News Articles featuring the EPC/Greg Pocha

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Other Venues featuring the EPC/Greg Pocha

  • Guest Panelist – Vertigo Theater, Calgary –  “The Turn of the Screw
  • Guest Panelist – Vertigo Theater, Calgary –  “The Haunting
  • Guest Panelist – Backstage Theater, Edmonton –  “Pretty Goblins” 
  • Speaker/Presentation – Warner Brothers –  Edmonton (Czar Briones & Arthur Isla), Calgary (Greg Pocha) Advance Screening,  “The Conjuring” 
  • Speaker/Presentation – Edmonton Public Libraries, Introduction to the Paranormal

Offers turned down by the EPC/Greg Pocha on principal and ethical reasons

  • Our House Media:  Paranormal Survivor, Haunted Case Files and Paranormal Investigators
  • The Other Side: Television Program Request
  • Bristow Global Media: Toronto TV production Request
  • Cream Productions: Paranormal series Request
  • Riverbank Pictures: Ghost Investigative TV Series
  • CBC Television: Canada’s Smartest Person –  invited twice (Greg Pocha)/(Greg Pocha or Czar Briones) as Parapsychology/Paranormal experts
  • T.A.P.S.