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If you have found that it is difficult to sell or rent a certain property the reason may be because it has been subjected to negative or tragic activity in its past (Stone Tape Theory). Even if one does not personally believe in the existence of ghosts or similar paranormal activity taking a chance that they do not exist can be expensive. Places, where a violent atmosphere was created by former residents, may remain behind and affect their decision whether to buy, or whether to stay. This is usually true of places where tragic events or deaths have occurred, especially if the cause was violent. Properties that were the site of murders and suicides may heavily affect the atmosphere of the property.

The EPC has been approached by many individuals who rent or own homes who feel that they are in need a cleansing or secular blessing. Some do so as a precaution, most do so because of unexplainable activity on the site. As is often the case, the owner, landlord or real estate agent has heard of the activity but does nothing about it. The major reason is that they do not want rumours regarding the property started or spread. Bear in mind that it is the policy and practice of the EPC to guarantee your anonymity and your confidence. We would not have become the best in our field or existed as long as we have if we did not instill these practices or ignore our ethical responsibilities to our clients. The EPC is here to help.

You may not believe in ghosts, or that your home or the residence that you are trying to sell may be subject to a haunting. However, almost 50% of Canadians do believe in the presence of ghosts, and many are intuitive to the energy that a location gives off. That equals lost tenants and buyers.  Often this problem is as simple as having a cleansing ceremony done. Your anonymity is assured. For more information visit our Cleansing page under EPC Services.

It is a common error to think that a new property cannot be haunted. The EPC has investigated and cleansed many properties that are only a few years old!

The sad truth:

These are some of the unfortunate and tragic events that have happened in Alberta  In the case of earlier events, there stands a good chance, due to time, that the event that took place was never told to the renter or buyer.

  • Private residence: scene to a mother smothering her children and then committing suicide.
  • Private residence: Site of a multiple murder. Wife and children shot while sleeping.
  • Apartment building: Scene of two separate murders years apart.
  • Private Residence: a Brand new home. The site of a suicide.
  • Townhouse: Suspected child killer hung himself in the basement.
  • Private home: Seen to a suicide by shotgun. His apparition has been seen by several reliable witnesses.