Recently I have been picking round objects up on my cell phone camera that look like what one might call “orbs”. Do I have anything to worry about in a paranormal sense?

No. Although it seems that certain Samsung cell phones are recording “orbs”, the issue is not limited to Samsung alone. As technology improves, most cell manufacturers are putting in front cameras that  are more sensitive and of higher pixel count.

In the presence of the lamp being used, or videos being taken in brighter ambient light, the CCD or CMSO circuitry are reading airborne particles, especially those that are within close range of the lens. Although a room may seem as if there are no airborne particles present, if one were to take their attention off of the view screen and look at the lamp light from a 90º angle, one could see the beam and the dust that is being highlighted.  Do not look directly into the  lamp.

There is still some debate on the paranormal aspects of “orbs”. But the general consensus  is that they are, for the most part, dust, pollen, dander and other small particles floating within the range of the lens and in the right position to reflect  or bounce light back into the camera.

That is not to say that there are some that are captured that seem to act, react and interact  with “intelligence”, moving as if responding to a verbal request. These are, if paranormal in nature, extremely rare. 

There are still those who are fanatic believers that despite all evidence to the contrary  will insist that all “orbs” are some sort of entity or interdimensional being.  But again, despite all evidence to the contrary there are those who still believe that the universe is supported on the back of a turtle or that the earth is flat