How much does an investigation cost?

The Eidolon Project provides its’ services free of charge*. As the EPC is reliant upon our clients’ generosity to allow us to further our research and knowledge of the paranormal and afterlife by allowing us to investigate their haunting we do not charge them for our investigative services. The opportunity in itself is payment enough.

*However there are circumstances in which we feel that a donation to a charity is a reasonable request. This is asked only in circumstances where a person wishes to have a cleansing, rescue and / or blessing of their home or business  performed when a full investigation is neither warranted nor necessary. The reason is that in circumstances such as the above, it is customary that a “sacrifice” is made. This indicates one’s intentions of “giving to receive”.  For clients who have allowed the EPC to conduct an investigation, the client has already made their sacrifice by allowing the EPC to further our studies. In the event that there isn’t an investigation needed or required, then we ask that one makes a donation to a charity. Incidentally, the Eidolon Project will not accept donations. Instead, we ask that the donation is made to a society that deals with sick children. 

For those who do not have the means to make a donation, the EPC still provides our services free of charges. The donation is a request, not a requirement. The EPC actually does not inquire, nor do we know if anyone makes a donation or not. The act and the amount are up to the individual.

Please, as it is against the ethics and policies of the Eidolon Project Canada we require that any donation made IS NOT in our, or any of our associates’ name.  In the case of the Make-A-Wish Foundation please follow the instructions below.

Charities that the EPC recommend are:

  • Make-A-Wish – Northern Alberta
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association

or the charity of your choice.