How is the Eidolon Project different from other ghost-hunting groups?

The EPC is different in many ways. The major reason is that we are not “ghost hunters”. We are not involved in this field for an adrenaline  rush or to have an “adventure”. We are not armchair fanatic enthusiasts . We do not use gadgets that support false positives such as ‘Ghost/Frank/Spirit Boxes”, random word generators, laser grids,  or toys such as the  Ovilus.

A second reason is that we did not establish the Eidolon Project Canada to perform paranormal investigations as its primary  purpose. Our mission is to explore the paranormal with the goal of finding empirical evidence that supports either the existence or non-existence of an afterlife. Investigating hauntings is a means to reach this goal.

Basically, we are not in this avocation to “play” . We are extremely dedicated to our mission.