How do I know if I am being haunted?

There is no sure proof way of knowing. The main reason is that there is no sure proof that an afterlife and / or ghosts exist.  Therefore we must base our answer on the open minded  assumption that there is a possibility of an afterlife and / or the existence of ghosts. Based on that,  one needs to be able to differentiate between what constitutes activity that may be caused via paranormal means and that which is caused by more conventional  “normal’ means.  These “normal causes” may be environmental, psychological, physiological,  misinterpreted /  misunderstood  natural phenomena or a combination of all of the aforementioned reasons.  This is where the years of experience and knowledge of the Eidolon Project is helpful, and needed. 

That being said here are some of the signs of a haunting: Sighting an apparition – Hearing strange unaccountable noises – Feeling an uncomfortable “presence” – localized hot or cold spots that are distinct from the ambient temperature – Issues with electrical appliances or fixtures such as light turning themselves on or off – Sightings of unexplainable “shadows” – Movement, asport and apport of objects – Children reporting that they have invisible friends or visitors – Pets that undergo an extreme, sudden personality change in certain areas, are some of the indications of an active haunting.  Is your house haunted?

Bear in mind that all of the possible causes of a haunting or ghost activity also have very reasonable and earthly explanations as well. A haunting is not: activity caused by psychological, physiological or sleep disorders – infrasound – sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMF) –  trace states – self-deception or belief biases – or “residual phenomena” (often erroneously referred to as a “residual haunting”.