EPC Requirments


In order for the EPC to offer the client our best services we find it necessary to request that as many of the following conditions and allowances be made :

Weather & Road Conditions:   During the period between October 15th – March 15th the EPC reserves the right to limit our long distant travels due to Alberta’s unpredictable winter driving conditions. This applies to any season when forecasts indicate hazardous road conditions. WEATHER ALERTS for ALBERTA

Other Conditions & Requirements

  • It is mandatory that at least one adult household member or a trusted friend of a residence or the owner, security or trusted employee of a business to be present during investigations unless the property is vacant or the client wishes otherwise.
  • It is mandatory that all valuables be moved to a safe location prior to the investigation. NOTE: All EPC members have had security/criminal record checks.
  • The EPC will not investigate, or enter any property that houses illegal goods or has illegal activity occurring. Obviously, this includes but is not limited to, recreational drugs.
  • To properly conduct an investigation we need the use of your electrical power. For the most part, our equipment runs on batteries, but these must occasionally be charged or plugged in during longer vigils as not to interrupt or lose data.
  • There may be the odd occasion where we would stream data to another member that is not present during an investigation. An example would be when the Director is off-site but would like to see the investigative process. We would then need access to your internet. Again, this is rarely requested.
  • Members of the EPC need to be able to wear soft, clean rubber-soled slippers or shoes. This allows us to work in dark conditions safer. The rubber soles also cut down on static electricity that may contaminate date. Static can also cause harm to the sensitive circuitry of our cameras.
  • Unless pets or children fundamental to the investigation we require that they are kept off-site. In the case of louder animals, out of hearing range is best. As for children, you may wish to keep them off the site altogether as the work involved may frighten them and will likely keep them awake. Deleting actions that create “normal” household noise helps us to find noises that may be considered as outside the norm. Safety is also a concern.
  • During hot periods or vigils, we ask that all noise is kept to a very minimal. Our recording equipment is extremely sensitive and ordinary noise can be mistaken or misinterpreted as a false positive and contaminate data.
  • Not a condition or requirement, we ask for the use of your coffee maker. We supply our own coffee, but packing a coffee maker along with our equipment is space consuming.
  • The EPC will require that a waiver of injury and a non-disclosure document be signed. This document is kept as simple as possible and protects both parties  (the Eidolon Project Canada and our clients). For example, should an investigator get hurt on your property or a camera is accidentally knocked down you would be exempt from legal action. The non-disclosure document protects your identity and exact location.