Cleansing / Rescue / Blessing Ceremonies


One of the main reasons that the Eidolon Project exists is to help not only the living with their situation but to also do all that we can to help the deceased with their situation. Many times when a ghost or entity makes its’ presence known is because it is attempting to get attention so that it can be helped. The reasons that an individual may become earthbound after physical, bodily death are many and various. However, many wish to escape the situation that they have imposed upon themselves and require help to do so. Others may not even be aware that they have passed over, and need help them to come to terms with their dilemma. The EPC is here to help.

It is the policy of the Eidolon Project Canada Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies organization to do all that is humanly possible to help the deceased move on to their proper realm of existence. Although we can not force an entity to move on, most are looking for the opportunity to have their attention redirected towards the light. As for the others, our ceremony makes every effort to make your surroundings uncomfortable for the entity to remain, especially if this is a negative energy.

Under no circumstances will the EPC allow a site or home to remain haunted if there is a chance that the ghost, who is in all reality a human being just like you and I has or wants a chance to be rescued. Most earthbound souls eventually discover that the ghost realm is not a place that they wish to remain. The EPC will not allow a location to remain haunted for the sake of having a convenient ghost to “hunt”.  Nor will we allow a site to remain haunted for the chance to exploit the deceased’s situation by subjecting him/her to tours or continuous investigations by “ghost hunters” or commercial ventures (television programming). We find the practice of the aforementioned exploitive and disrespectful of the deceased. Again, these are people, human beings, we are dealing with, and taking advantage of them for ones’ personal amusement, adrenalin rush, or to  lay claim to being a “ghost hunter”. is, in our opinion inhumane.


The cleansing ceremony as performed by the EPC is secular in nature. As a rule, when a religious cleansing is performed with the express purpose of ridding a site of negative or paranormal activity, things go awry. It is documented that although the activity and the entity may settle down for a period of time, it usually come back – stronger and with a vengeance. There is a good chance that the entity does not hold the same beliefs or faith as you and is insulted and / or infuriated by the actions, despite the good intentions of the victim.

By first cleansing the home without religious overtones, the EPC can address any and all energies present in a generic manner. We find that they are more receptive to this approach. On the rare occasion, a second cleansing may be necessary if the energies in the home were exceptional. This is rarely the case.

Although secular in essence, our ceremony is based on ancient traditions. Cleansing rites from various practices have been carefully blended to create a ceremony that is effective in the majority of cases. As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no human, earthly way to guarantee that all energies are affected by our ceremony. However, the rite includes methods of making the atmosphere uninviting and uncomfortable for any negative entity or energy to remain.  One must consider that if an entity can not be forced into compliance from the spiritual realm, then it is impossible for anyone from the realm of the living to force the issue, despite what some may claim (and charge for).

Cleansing / Blessing *charitable donation may apply – see below

This ceremony is performed if a person merely wants their house cleansed of any negative energies that have built up over the years. It is usually performed prior to a person moving into a new residence, or during ones’ occupancy if they feel that there is an “uneasiness” or bothering atmosphere about their home or business. The process consists of a smudging and salting (saline solution) of the home with a blessing to remove unwanted energy. This ceremony can be performed without a rescue if there is no evidence of a haunting.

Rescue *charitable donation may apply – see below

This rite goes hand in hand with the Cleansing and Blessing ceremony and are performed together. It is included without charge provided that an Investigation was allowed to take place prior.  The rescue is done prior to the cleansing to allow those who want to go into the light the opportunity to do so. If this rite is asked to be done without a prior investigation, the below donation to charity clause is in effect.

*Donation to a charity (if applicable)

The EPC does not charge for any of the above services provided that an investigation was allowed and has taken place on the property. This is part of our mission to help earthbound souls out of their unfortunate situation. It is also our way of saying “Thank you” for allowing us the opportunity to further our knowledge and research by investigating your property. Most others who offer similar services usually charge in the hundreds of dollars for similar services.

There are many occasions when the EPC has been called in because the services of others have been ineffective or have made the situation worse.

If you wish the above services without the EPC doing an investigation, and many do not have the need for such, we still offer the above services, but we ask that a donation is made to charity. The EPC suggests donations be made to The Northern Alberta Make-A-Wish Foundation or your local Children’s Hospital. You can donate to any charity of your choice as well.  We ask that you do not make the donation in the name of the Eidolon Project Canada or anyone associated with us as this would be against our policies and ethics. The size of the donation is up to you. Even something to the local food bank works for the purposes that this is intended. If you do not have the means of making a donation, then the EPC will still perform the above services. In fact, we do not ask at any time if a donation has been made and we have no way of knowing.

WHY this “cost”?  When a rite or ceremony as the ones described are performed it is common for a “sacrifice” to be made to prove one’s good intentions and to thank those spirits, guides, and guardians who are helping you from their realm. The sacrifices that the EPC makes are of time, travel and material expenses. Therefore we ask that the person requesting a Rescue and/or Cleansing and Blessing make some “sacrifice” in the way of a donation.

Charities that the EPC recommends are:  (See Links)

  • Make-A-Wish – Northern Alberta
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association

or the charity of your choice.

The EPC has not and will not accept any money for our services. So please, do not consider making a donation to us. Thank you for considering this and understanding the purpose of this minimal “charge”.

Please use Contact Form 1 if you wish to book an investigation or Ceremony.