Please use the forms below for inquiries:
Form 1: Investigation Requests and Inquiries.
Form 2: General Information, Media, and PR Inquiries.
Form 3: Specific Response to an EPC request.
Form 4: Book a Gruveo Live Voice call.

FORM 1: Please use the below form for Investigation inquiries. This includes Cleansing, Rescue and Blessings requests.

FORM 1: Investigation Request
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FORM 2: Please use the below form for general, media or public relations inquiries. This includes presentations, appearances and interview requests.

FORM 2: General - Media - PR Inquiries
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FORM 3: Please do not use this form unless you are responding to a specific personal request for information FROM the EPC.

FORM 3: Specific Response to an EPC Request for Information (non-public)
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If responding to an All Experts request place an "X" in the location box.

FORM 4: To book a Voice Call with the Eidolon Project, please fill out the following form to book an appointment and receive your code. The EPC does not use Skype or similar messengers as they require the setting up of user accounts and the gathering your personal information. Instead, we use Gruveo - Secure & Anonymous calls with no registration required. Remember to use your WiFi and your data plan will remain untouched! PLEASE NOTE: You should book your chat at least 2 days from now so that your appointment can be confirmed, a password implemented.


Appointments are available only from: SUNDAY - THURSDAY
Calls are about one half hour in length.

Have your Gruveo call code? Make your call at the appointed time and date. Click here to CALL THE EPC.

To contact Greg Pocha directly if you have attachments such as photos or videos (for example, images/audio clips) please use the following link along with the above request:

If you have a question regarding ghosts, hauntings or the paranormal in general that does not require the services of the Eidolon Project Canada as mentioned above, please use the following links. This would apply to questions from other provinces and other countries.  NOTICE:  The following is a recent notification from the All Experts web-site: After more than 19 years, and over two million questions answered, is now closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Greg Pocha, of the EPC was a consultant and expert for five+ years at All Experts (AE) when it suddenly and unexpectedly closed. He was the Top expert in their categories of “Ghosts and Hauntings” and “Near Death Experiences/Afterlife Study” and at the time of closing was the 3rd highest ranked expert in the general category of “Paranormal Phenomena” quickly climbing to Top expert over others who had been there years ahead of him. In his time with AE he had answered hundreds of questions. Needless to say, he remains the leading expert in the field of Spectral Profiling. He is planning on creating a new site for general inquiries from the public to once again offer his professional assistance to the public – free of charge!

All Experts: Greg Pocha / Ghosts and Hauntings
All Experts: Greg Pocha / Near Death Experience / Afterlife
All Experts: Greg Pocha / Paranormal Phenomena