GHOSTS, HAUNTINGS, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY  With units in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer the Eidolon Project Canada is Alberta’s largest and most respected organizations dedicated to the studies of Paranormal Phenomena, Parapsychology, and the Afterlife.  The EPC consists of responsible, dedicated and experienced adult members who are devoted to investigating Paranormal activity as it pertains to Ghosts and Hauntings. What we are not are “paranormal enthusiasts, fanatics, ‘ghost hunters’ or armchair hobbyists”.  We take this avocation seriously, with respect, responsibly and reverence.


update Nov.15 / 2016

Hello, since this story went public the EPC has been overwhelmed with questions and requests. WE ARE HERE TO HELP, so please read the following:

We are more than happy to answer any and all questions that you may have. But unless your inquiry is related to a haunting in Alberta, Canada and you require the services of our investigative teams, please use the following links to submit your queries. (Media / Press / Public Relations /Inquiries excluded). Basically, this request is for those from other Canadian Provinces, the USA, or other countries requiring answers to their questions. The following are free Eidolon Project services.

Greg Pocha, our Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife, and Paranormal Studies is more than pleased to answer your questions by linking to one of the above choices. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!  ~Greg Pocha and staff

Inquiries and information regarding our services within Alberta, please continue as normal.

~The EPC is fully equipped with state of the art equipment. Because we use both empirical and scientific methodology in our work we do not use gimmicks such as ghost / spirit boxes, random word generators, laser grid lighting, Ovilus devices or any other gadget that creates false positives. Our equipment is scientifically based. We do not play “ghost hunter”.

~ Our director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies, Greg Pocha, has taught classes in Paranormal Study, is the Top Expert on the world’s largest and longest established Expert Answer site in the category of Ghosts and Hauntings and is the leading authority on Spectral Profiling. He has spent decades studying and researching the paranormal, parapsychology and related subjects, owning a private library dedicated to his studies approaching 1,000 books, a large collection of peer-written journal and scientific study papers, as well as extensive field work.

~ Our investigative teams are trained and experienced and offer non-judgmental, open minded help. All are bound by contract not to divulge any information regarding our clients that may identify either them or their property location. Your anonymity is assured.

~ Paranormal investigations of your site or residence are provided without any costs to you. The opportunity to investigate, explore and further the advancement of finding the answers to the possibility of an afterlife is all the payment we need. Without clients, exploration would cease to exist.

If you feel that you are in need of assistance or suspect that you are subject to a ghost or a haunting, the Eidolon Project Canada is here to help. From answering questions specific to your situation to full-scale investigations. The EPC offers non-judgmental, unbiased and open minded assistance. We know that it is often difficult to talk to peers and family when you are faced with a situation that may be paranormal in nature. We’re here to help!